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Arabic Language Courses

At any time from 9 am - 9 pm (Kids, Adults)

Shams School

Modern Arabic School to learn the basics and take it to the next level in understanding grammar and vocabulary. We provide a 7 syllabus series of books from beginner to post-intermediate GCSE levels.
Shams Arabic School
For Kids:
Group 1
Every Saturday 11:00 – 16:00
Group 2
Every Saturday 11:00 – 16:00

Shams Arabic School
for Non- Arabic Speakers

159 Nithsdale Rd, Glasgow G41 5QS
1 H every Sat and 1 every Sun at any time in below time frames
Every Saturday 13:30 – 17:30
Every Saturday 13:30 – 17:30
For Males Every Monday and Tuesday For Females Every Wednesday and Thursday

Shams Academy

Offering a study support and we follow the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence throughout our Senior School levels until the Advanced Higher. Our teacher are highly experienced with delivering the modules for all students’ needs and difficulties.

Shams Café

Coming Soon