About Us

Shams Centre is very accommodating and strives to ensure the students have the best Environment, Experience and receive the best education at our centre. We in Shams Centre teach Arabic to anyone who wants to learn the basics and take it to the next level in understanding grammar and vocabulary. We provide an advanced syllabus series of books from beginner to post-intermediate GCSE levels. We in Shams Centre are offering a study support and we follow the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence throughout our Senior School levels until the Advanced Higher. Shams centre is a very warm environment for all communities in order to enjoy our Education and Café.

Our core services




Our mission

Connect people, remove barriers, enhance value and create opportunities.

Our vision

To be recognised as a leaders for education innovation and people excellence by enabling the world to communicate in different languages.

Our culture

A cosmopolitan environment with a customer centric passion for high quality. Driven and innovative professional team, with a semi-flat hierarchical structure. Transparent, honest with a drive for growth.


Learn to success, play to enjoy, the best way to see the future is to make it happen.

Health & Wellbeing

Shams Center provides internal and external education & wellbeing support. It also runs numerous events, community’s supports and holds its own cafe area.